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Visitor Information

We hope you will take the time to visit and help us get to know you better. It is not an easy thing as a newcomer to walk into a church, but we invite you to give us a try. We welcome our guests and visitors while still allowing them time and space to observe and the freedom to participate when ready.

So, what can you expect when you join us on Sunday morning? Here are answers to some questions we’ve heard visitors ask recently.

What type of people worship at CCUCC?
The people in our church are a diverse bunch.   You will find a wide variety of perspectives, professions, and looks on any given Sunday, including young and old, women and men, gay and straight, singles and families, a variety of colors, and everyone in between. God’s love is for all kinds of people and our community lives out that knowledge.

What time does worship start and how long is the service?

CCUCC offers an opportunity to worship God Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. until the summer heat begins.  June 19-Aug 15 worship begins at 9:30 a.m.  The service typically lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.  Stay for a while following worship for casual conversation over Fair Trade coffee and tea, and a variety of yummy treats.

What is your worship service like?
Although most people would call our worship style “traditional,” you will find that we   worship and celebrate in many forms. Our worship services reflect the variety of our     backgrounds, drawing upon the music and sacramental life of Christian traditions and   our lived experiences as people in the 21st century. Hymns, prayers, a weekly        message combined with the singing of the choir and congregation make this a time for    centering around God’s presence, connection with one another and being inspired to  move in the world as the embodiment of God’s all inclusive love.

We celebrate the Communion meal together on the first Sunday of every month. We  are sensitive to all faith traditions. Children are welcome in worship.

What should I wear?

The congregation dresses informally. You will see a bit of everything: people in their “Sunday best,” folks in “business casual” and those in jeans and t-shirts. You’ll often see people wearing shorts and flip-flops during the the warmer months.  It’s completely up to you to dress to your level of comfort. We look forward to seeing you, not what you’re wearing.

Do you offer Christian education and spiritual formation classes for children and adults?

On Sunday mornings we offer classes for children and youth.  Many years ago we jettisoned the label “Sunday School” and named ourselves a “Learning Community.”  Children and youth attend the first 10-15 minutes of worship, then are invited to go to their Learning Community classes with their teachers.  Current classes are:  Infant/Toddler, Preschool (3-5yrs), 1st-4th Grade, Middle School, and High School.

We offer a variety of adult reading and study groups, times for meditation, and conversation groups during the week and throughout the year.  We encourage you to check them out.

Is childcare available?

Yes!  We have experienced, compassionate adult childcare providers who wait to welcome your child downstairs in the infant and toddler room.   This room offers age appropriate toys, books, and music and there is always adequate supervision based on the number of children attending.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions about our life and ministries or if you would like some friendly assistance finding your niche, feel free to contact Steve by calling the church office or sending him an email.

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  1. It was wonderful visiting your church! What a friendly, welcoming group of people you are! Thank you for making us feel so at home.

    March 5, 2012

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