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Daily Readings for the Season of Lent

The season of Lent is the 40 days (not counting Sundays) leading up to Easter.*  Often during this time, we take the opportunity to recommit to a way of life that helps us to deepen our spiritual lives.  That could be anything from a fast of some sort to taking a yoga class to turning off the television.  One simple thing that some of us appreciate is taking a few moments each day for reading that help us to refocus, and engage with what is meaningful.  The Stillspeaking Writers Group of the UCC does a great job of giving us thoughtful, fresh takes on the scripture passages of the season in their 2015 Lent Devotionals called “Re-lent”.   Each day provides a reflection on a daily scripture passage and a word beginning with the prefix “re”.

You can find free copies of Re-lent in the church narthex, provided by the Deacons for your use.

*This year Lent begins on Wednesday, February 18.

UCC Justice and Peace Action Network

About the Justice and Peace Action Network

The Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet) is our denomination’s grassroots advocacy network composed of individual members and local UCC congregations across the country.

The JPANet both educates and engages its members in shaping public policy in keeping with God’s vision of a just and loving society. Our work is grounded in General Synod resolutions, consonant with historic UCC witness, and formed by a biblical understanding of prophetic ministry.

JPANet members collectively advocate on a variety of issues for social change that promotes the Common Good. These issue areas are resourced by national staff of the Justice and Witness Ministries and Wider Church Ministries who work with local UCC advocates to shape coordinated strategy on our common witness. The Global Concerns issue area is shared with staff of the  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),the UCC’s partner in global ministry.

There are great possibilities and challenges ahead for justice advocacy in 2015. As we begin a new year, will you help strengthen the movement for justice?

Find out more and sign up to join JPANet here.

There is no question – Our voices are strongest when we lift them together!

World Communion/NIN Sunday

October 5, 2014

Come to worship on the first Sunday of October and celebrate with brothers and sisters around the world. We’ll also have the opportunity to support grassroots ministries around the country through the UCC’s Neighbors in Need offering.  Imagine another world is possible!