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Unbound Generosity–Scott Lovaas

October 18, 2015.

Changing Ourselves: Connecting with the Deep Dream–Chip Laird

September 27, 2015.

My Opening Farewell–Scott Lovaas

August 30, 2015.

New Discussion Group

The CCUCC Book Group has morphed into a video/discussion group.  We’ll begin with the 7 week series called “Painting the Stars:  Science, Religion, and an Evolving Faith” on Tuesday, April 7 at 6:15 at the church.  Everyone is invited to participate, and you are welcome to come when you are able. (so if you miss the first week, feel free to join in when you can)  Each week we’ll view a 20 minute video and discuss, along with a small amount of weekly supplemental reading on the theme.

Contributors include:  Philip Clayton, Rachel Held Evans, Bruce Sanguin, John Shelby Spong, and Megan McKenna, among others.

“The evolutionary process is a deep mystery. Spiritually, mystery is not the sum total of all that we don’t yet know, but given enough time could figure out and move on to the next problem. Mystery is a condition of awe, of resting precisely in an unknowing, long enough for the silence to have its way with us. The goal of this curriculum is to create some space for us to inhabit this mystery more deeply, and explore the relationship between science, particularly evolution, and religion.” –Bruce Sanguin, from the Overview of PtS.



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March 2015 Communicator

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December 2014 Communicator

December 2014 Communicator


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November 2014 Communicator

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September 2014 

Elemental Practices for Abundant Living

Sundays, March 2-April 23

A series exploring the wisdom of Jesus, particularly as it translates into practices for living well today.  Practices include PRAYER, LETTING GO, QUIETING THE  JUDGMENTAL VOICE, ASK…SEEK…KNOCK, and DO UNTO OTHERS, etc.  We’ll add information about each week below, so continue to check this page.

  • Sunday, March 2: PRAYER.  This is a big topic because there are as many ways to pray as there are people.  Because prayer encompasses so much, we will do as Jesus recommends, and limit the words we use to talk about prayer and instead experience it with one another.  One of the ways many of us connect with God is through music, so on Sunday, March 2, we’ll change our routine a bit and have the chance to experience a more open space of singing and prayer.  We’ll sing simple, beautiful songs from the Taize community in France and allow for a good amount of silence, including a time to speak our prayers and share a simple communion meal with each other.  Prayer is an intimate activity:  a dance with the divine. It happens within each of us, but it is also ultimately an experience that connects us not only to God, but to people and places outside of ourselves.  It is a Self-expanding endeavor.  Come grow with us!