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The Good Book

Reading the Bible literally can be a dangerous proposition.  We can end up backing ourselves into corners that force us to choose between upholding a rigid belief on the one hand, and a relationship with a living, breathing human being on the other.  Reading the Bible literally can make people do things in the name of God that contradict the overarching themes of love and forgiveness found in the very same book.   We try very hard not to fall into this trap.  In fact, nothing is more important than our relationships with one another.  One reason the Bible is called The Good Book is because part of the core message contained there is reconciliation and the value of our relationships.  At Community Congregational Church in Pullman, we try to be led by the love and mercy of God and our call to compassion, not by rigid interpretation of scripture.

UCC Justice and Peace Action Network

About the Justice and Peace Action Network

The Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet) is our denomination’s grassroots advocacy network composed of individual members and local UCC congregations across the country.

The JPANet both educates and engages its members in shaping public policy in keeping with God’s vision of a just and loving society. Our work is grounded in General Synod resolutions, consonant with historic UCC witness, and formed by a biblical understanding of prophetic ministry.

JPANet members collectively advocate on a variety of issues for social change that promotes the Common Good. These issue areas are resourced by national staff of the Justice and Witness Ministries and Wider Church Ministries who work with local UCC advocates to shape coordinated strategy on our common witness. The Global Concerns issue area is shared with staff of the  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),the UCC’s partner in global ministry.

There are great possibilities and challenges ahead for justice advocacy in 2015. As we begin a new year, will you help strengthen the movement for justice?

Find out more and sign up to join JPANet here.

There is no question – Our voices are strongest when we lift them together!

New to the UCC?

We are proudly a part of The United Church of Christ, a fellowship of Christian churches formed in 1957 as a testament to unity.  Here, religion and science are not mutually exclusive and your head and your heart (as well as your questions) are welcome in our worship and discussions.  We are eager to work with others who are doing good work for the common good, and we embrace new modes of thinking.  Why?  Because God is still speaking,

Find more about the United Church of Christ.


We are a group of open-minded people who come together to act out a thoughtful, heartfelt, and soulful response to life.  As we learn to walk the way of Jesus, we don’t check our minds (our curiosity, questions, or attempts to verify, etc…) at the door.  Many of us have found value in both a scientific view of the world and the wisdom of those faithful people who have sought spiritual answers in the murky waters of life’s big questions.

Listen for CCUCC’s support of NWPR’s “Science Friday” as part of our attempt to become more visible in our community.

United Church of Christ Firsts

The United Church of Christ is a young denomination, formed in 1957.  But our history goes back to the pilgrims who first came to America seeking religious freedom and continues forward on the edge of faith and society.  Click on the image to scroll through some of the highlights of UCC history.

United Church of Christ, Changing Lives