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Nicaraguan Scholars Program

The Nicaraguan Scholars Program helps fund youth enrollment in high schools and colleges in northernNicaragua.  Janet Kendall coordinates this effort which involves a total of 45+ sponsors/students.  Sponsors live all around theUS, but the program is centrally organized out of Pullman (WA), McCall (ID), Seattle, and San Francisco (CA).  Brady Hamilton, a former CCUCC youth group member, became a Peace Corps volunteer inNicaragua. After completing his time in the Peace Corps and returning to theUnited States, he started this program in 2001 along with another volunteer, Jessica Neff.  Brady’s parents now live inMcCall,Idaho. Jessica’s parents are fromSeattle.

Now the program in Nicaragua is run on that end by a young Nicaraguan woman, Elisa Ruiz, who worked with Jessica, and a local teacher from theUS, Nola Nackerud.  The sponsors pay the Nicaraguan women a small stipend each year to select scholars and coordinate letter writing between the students and theirU.S.sponsors.

In 2010 Jessica created the Asla Foundation in order to expand the scholarship program. Below are photos of the student scholars over the past few years who have been sponsored by people associated with CCUCC.

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For more detailed information about this about this program, click here.