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Steve Van Kuiken’s Installation at CCUCC



Mike Denton gives Steve and the church the Ordained Minister’s Code and a certificate to commemorate Steve’s official installation at CCUCC.

December 11, 2016


Sermon given by Mike Denton


Thank you to the following who made this occasion meaningful and joyful:

Mike Denton, Conference Minister

Mike McCollough, CCUCC Moderator

the UCC Conference members in attendance

and Lynn McCollough, for putting together a wonderful reception



Jeanne Holstad presents Steve with the church’s Bible, inscribed with the names of all CCUCC ministers.



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  1. charla Chaudhry #

    Congratulations on finding your new home here at Community Congregational. I think you will shake the trees for us & shower upon us all kinds of surprising fruits! Have a joyous first Christmas here in Pullman!

    December 13, 2016

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