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New Beginnings is a process of discovering the intersection of our church’s passions, skills, and resources. Six groups made up of church participants have met four times in May and June. These New Beginnings groups are finishing their final two meetings in late August and early September. Each group will make a decision regarding church priorities.

On Monday, September 14 New Beginnings group leaders will meet to find a consensus to present to the church council and congregation. That “Big Decision” will help us to focus our energies so that our church will remain a vital presence in our community and in our lives. It will also help guide us as we prepare to search for a settled pastor. Thanks to all of you for your energies, insights, and faithfulness in this exciting time of transition. Thanks especially to the New Beginnings leaders for their inspired and skillful guidance: Herb and Jann Hill, Monica Johnson and Stephanie Kane, Kym Dye and Barbara Johnson, Mike and Lynn McCollough, Sandy Evenson and Sue Kreikemeier, Beth Waddel and Bill Condon.

Doug Blanks Hindman

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