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BOOK GROUP—Our next book for reading/discussion is “Justice:  What’s the Right Thing to Do?” by noted Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel.  Everyone is invited to join in.  We’ll begin this week by watching some video of Sandel’s class of the same name.

“Reading ‘Justice’ by Michael Sandel is an intoxicating invitation to take apart and examine how we arrive at our notions of right and wrong….This is enlivening stuff. Sandel is not looking to win an argument; he’s looking at how a citizen might best engage the public realm.”— Karen R. Long, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Here is a brief Video Introduction to his class/book.

If you are interested, please sign up using the form below, or at church, or just show up!

We’ll begin on Tuesday, October 22 and end on December 17.

Books are $12.00 each.

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