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Celebrate World Communion Sunday!

Sunday, October 6  at  10:30 am

Come experience the surprising gift of world music as we celebrate World Communion Sunday!

Sesitshaya Marimba Band plays traditional and contemporary songs from Sub-Saharan Africa and shares the lively rhythmic sounds of the sonorous Kwanongoma marimbas of Zimbabwe. Built in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, they produce the full earthy tones that characterize the music and are the only Kwanongomas in the region. They create a unique, high-spirited musical signature by blending the Kwanongoma sound with marimbas built in the Pacific Northwest.
They are dedicated to continuing the musical traditions of Zimbabwe but their music is also from South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and the Caribbean Islands. They enjoy sharing the background of the songs and often sing in Shona, one of Zimbabwe’s major indigenous languages. They also encourage people to dance, clap in accompaniment, tap their feet, sing and generally enjoy the high energy and fun of this world music.

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