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Neighborhood Garden Project Continues

Edible Landscape!

Given the recent violence in our neighborhood, now is a great time to come together to work for something positive with our neighbors. We do have consent of the owners of the parking lot directly across Campus Ave, to plant a garden in the “green” space on the corner of Campus and Ruby.  WSU Students including Jonathan Handy and some members of Farmhouse Fraternity helped to weed the area initially.  Now most students are gone and we could use some help.

Current Tasks/Needs:

  • We need a truck to help us haul away a large pile of dirt, weeds, and branches.
  • We need to create a simple tier on the slope to retain water.
  • We need to turn in compost and lay landscape fabric to inhibit weeds.
  • We need to create a simple, repeatable means of watering (either a soaker hose or simple drip system to which we can pull a hose across the street).
  • We need to plant seeds and starts soon!

Please let Chip or Kristine know if you are interested in helping out with parts of this project, which is more than just growing food for the greater good*, it is an opportunity to get to know our immediate neighbors.

*CCUCC is now a contributor to Backyard Harvest’s Grow for the Greater Good program!

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