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Flowers for David

WSU professor, Dr. David Warner, was severely injured by several people as he attempted to intervene in an altercation just a block from the church.  If you’d like to help raise funds for his medical costs, here are a few ways:  

  • Buy a flower from displays at Zoe Underground Cafe (basement of the Interfaith House) and Cafe Moro, with other sites in the near future (we hope 🙂 ) Suggested donation is $5.oo.
  • Help make flowers.  Graduate student Charise De Berry thought up this great idea and we are helping her to expand and give more people the opportunity to donate.  So,we would like to keep these displays full and we could use some help making these simple felt flowers.   Please dive right in and bring any flowers you make to the church.  At this time, we think we need purple, yellow, and blue flowers most (the red are made slightly differently and there are a number of people working on them at this point).   We have extra felt at the church, along with a little table in the Fireside room where you could sit and work if you prefer that to home.

Wavy rosette in Blue, Purple, Yellow

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