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Seeds of Healing

Friday, April 19 4-6 p.m.

Cultural Studies students and other community activist invite you to join together this Friday, April 19th (tomorrow!) from 4-6 pm. We will be sharing conversation, light food (dessert), the drum (WAZZU Singers), and making “Flowers for Dave” (sold by donation with proceeds going into Dr. Dave Warner’s Medical Fund)

Organizers will continue to focus on Dave’s healing as well as creating a safe space to share thoughts and concerns.  Those of us who call CCUCC home can help with that by being here and helping provide some cookies and other deserts!  If you are able, drop something by the church anytime tomorrow (Friday) or bring something with you if you are attending.
Please spread the word to your friends,families, anyone who knows David, and all community members who are interested in creating safer environment.  Everyone is welcome.

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