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Faith,In Sundays–Serving our Community

Members and friends of CCUCC will gather at 10:30 on Sunday, April 28 for a brief  service of music, prayer, and sending out.  Then we will engage in service with a variety of service projects for all ages and abilities.


  • Sing-a-long at Bishop Place Apartments Social Room.  Please gather at Bishop rather than at CCUCC.  Join residents and members of the Choir for hymns and inspirational songs.

How to prepare:  Come with appropriate clothing for the project you choose.  Come with a smile.  Come without your own to-do list (think of this one as God’s).  Come ready to make new friends as we do service together!

We’ll be doing this on the last Sunday of every month, so join us to make a difference.  Bring your friends.  Everyone is welcome!  (and we’ll need all the help we can get!)  This is the first time we’ve tried anything like this, so we’ll experiment together and hopefully as the year goes on, these opportunities to serve together will become even fuller and richer!  We welcome feedback!

As the old UCC bumper sticker says:

“To believe is to care.  To care is to do.”

Have ideas for future projects in the wider community and want to help us make them happen?  Leave them here!

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