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Words for the Journey

February 22-April 8, 2012

During the season of Lent, we’ll discuss, ponder, and imagine a different word each day.  We encounter these words on our journey toward fuller, richer lives within ourselves, with one another, and with God.  You’ll recognize some are rooted in Christian tradition, some come from the language of the spiritual life, and some are just regular ol’ words that we seem to encounter again and again as people attempting to live faithfully and with integrity.

Two Ways to Participate:

  1. Request to join our FACEBOOK GROUP by going to  Words for the Journey at Pullman UCC  , click the “Ask to Join” box on the upper right, and join in the journey by adding thoughts, images, stories.
  2. Sign up to be a part of an EMAIL GROUP (fill in form below, or sign up at church).  You’ll receive a daily email and can add your own thoughts, images, stories by hitting “reply to all”.  

No matter how you choose to participate, everyone is invited to an introductory gathering on Sunday, February 19 following worship.

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