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12 Steps to Compassion

Everyone is invited to participate by reading the book and either coming to discussions or joining our Facebook Group.  Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. beginning on January 23rd.  (you can order a book or begin at anytime)

From Confucius to Oprah, people have preached compassion for centuries. But how often is it put into practice? Karen Armstrong believes religion, which should advocate for compassionate living, is often part of the problem. In Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life, she describes ways to add kindness to daily routines.

Armstrong admits compassion isn’t a very popular virtue. “People often prefer to be right,” she says. And though she offers these 12 steps, it’s not a get-compassionate-quick scheme. “This is a struggle for a lifetime, because there are aspects in it that militate against compassion.”  –from a Jan. 10, 2011 “Talk of the Nation” segment entitled, Twelve Concrete Ways To Live A Compassionate Life.

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