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In Blessings and Crises

I have found “ God Moments” to come in blessings, but also crises and grief.  At N Sid Sen I shared some “blessing” moments of my youth on the Illinois farm.  One was carrying a new-born calf from the far pasture in the spreading beauty of a spring dawn.  Another was sowing alfalfa seed by hand as a summer storm came roiling over the fence rows.   There was also my love for climbing to a seat in the top of my favorite maple tree, or climbing to the top of the silo where I could survey “the county and the country round.”   Such participation in nature and seeking such  broad views have become pillars of my life with the Sacred.

But there were also God moments of crises which demanded God’s presence and support, even if the moment didn’t seem to be “God’s.”. Perhaps more the lack of God.  I recall vividly, the events of an accident, treatment and subsequent failure which led to the loss of my left eye.  But I don’t recall any Divine support at those moments.  Perhaps it did come over time in the form of parental and wider family love.   I also recall the moments of a horrible accident in front of our farm home where my sister, Carol, was struck by a truck and lay dying at the roadside when I arrived at the scene.  There was no Sacred comfort for those terrible days and weeks.  God moments  may have arrived over time as my Congregational pastor, his lovely wife and four children accepted me into their family circle on many occasions and became my life long friends

These “God moments,”  both positive and negative, have prompted a life long search for meaning, understanding the Sacred and the appreciation of “ordinary miracles.”.  It is good to have seasons in the church year, but Advent is always!  

 –Bob Grunewald

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  1. Wow, Bob, thanks so much for writing this down and sharing it. I have always sensed, when you speak in church, that you would have a lot to say, but Joys and Concerns is never the time for extended development of the ideas behind what you’re talking about.

    Thanks again, Bob.


    December 3, 2011

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