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My Soul Magnifies God’s Spirit: Human Moments, Sacred Lessons

Sometimes we call them “God moments” . . . a single incident happens in our lives that teaches us a larger
lesson, that “grows us” into a new person.  It may be a moment of joy or sorrow, a moment that connects our
personal story to God’s story of hope, joy, new beginnings, peace, justice, transformation.  Advent is a season that invites us to consider these moments, and we want to put together a series of Advent reflections that tell your stories around this theme. Do you have a “moment” to share?  Please let Kristine know that you would like to participate, write a reflection of 600 words or less, and get your writing to Kristine by October 15th.  October 30.

We are also looking for artists who are willing to take some of these writings, or their own “moments,” and create visual  representations of them.
Our goal is to make the stories and images available both through the church website as well as in “hard copy” form for people to use and reflect upon during the season of Advent.   For more information, or to let Kristine know that you would like to participate, please contact her at

Oh, and you obviously don’t need to be “local” in order to participate!

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